Counties Technical Tips

Guide Name Revision Date
CL12-400 Upload Client Solutions 09-13-2023
CL12-400 Download Client Solutions 09-13-2023
PMB525 Download Instructions 05-01-2023
Annexation Checklist 04-24-2023
How to Proof the PMB016 Report 04-24-2023
Additional Information for Homeowners (PMB135) 11-03-2005
M&O Calculation 10-16-2009
Convert AS400 Spool File to PDF 04-24-2023
Demand Receipt (TXO062) 05-26-2009
Download Abstract/A2 Files 07-12-2023
IRRC Download Data (PMB092) 06-29-2011
Download AS/400 Spool File to PC 04-16-2002
Download Data for Taxing Service (TXB053) 05-01-2009
Download Personal Property Query 01-10-2014
How to Initialize 13G or 16G Tapes 05-01-2009
How to Transfer Tax Data to Taxing Service (TXB055) 09-29-2009
Instructions for Transferring Tax Payment File From E-Mail to AS/400 (TXB051) 04-19-2002
Market Adjustment Entry / Update Process 04-26-2023
Personal Property Sub-Classification Project 04-15-2004
New Construction Adjustment Entry / Update Process 04-29-2013
Owner Code Entry/Update - sheet 04-29-2013
PPQIE - Instructions for Using QIE 04-15-2004
CL12-400 Download 09-12-2023
CL12-400 Upload 09-12-2023
Program Changes as a Result of HB453 05-01-2009
Property Identification (Bunderson) Report (PMB032) 01-20-2022
QIE Form 49E Grant/Deny Process by Assessors 01-18-2024