Counties Technical Services

The Technical Services unit works closely with Idaho’s 44 counties to provide software and services in property appraisal, tax administration, and computerized mapping. Please contact us with any questions.

GIS maps

The GIS team processes all annexations from Idaho taxing districts, providing continuing education, and offering software technical assistance to county mapping staffs.


Client server-based Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software and services are provided to Idaho counties for their local property appraisal efforts.

We offer support for client server based Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software systems to all Idaho counties. These systems automate the appraisal of residential homes, manufactured houses, commercial structures, land systems, and sales analysis. The goal is to provide all three approaches to value (market, income, and cost). The system uses a standard appraisal document, sketching, and digital photos.

Program development and quality assurance

The team writes and maintains software used by Idaho counties to perform property valuation and property tax collection. The group also standardizes forms and offers technical training. The Quality Assurance group provides technical training, assistance to counties, and software program testing.

AS/400 software developed by Technical Services is available to all counties in Idaho. These systems automate the administration of valuation and exemptions as well as calculation, collection, and apportionment of property tax. Property Tax Reduction, Exemptions, New Construction, Sales and Ratio Studies, Urban Renewal, and Personal Property systems are provided. Programs are tested and sent to all AS/400 counties by Quality Assurance.


Manatron Government Revenue Management (GRM) is a fully integrated software solution designed to manage and support the entire property tax life cycle including recording, GIS, valuation, assessment administration, tax billing and collection, and delinquents. It automates the operational, informational, and planning needs for assessors and treasurers.