Individual Income Tax Guides

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Guide Name Revision Date
Recommended Formula for the Apportionment and Allocation Of Net Income of Financial Institutions 05-25-2023
2022 W-2 E-Filing Guide 12-15-2022
Business and Individual E-File (MeF) Handbook 2022 01-12-2023
2022 Information Return 1099 E-Filing Guide 12-15-2022
Audits - Your Rights & Responsibilities 11-13-2018
Federal Filing Changes Can Effect Your Idaho Return 01-12-2021
How Your Income Tax Penalty Is Calculated 07-06-2016
Conformity and Tax Reform 04-30-2018
Idaho Taxpayer Rights 08-27-2019
Process to Determine Reporting Requirements for Guaranteed Payments (flowchart) 02-05-2014
Tax Consequences of Federal and Idaho College Savings Program Withdrawals 08-20-2018
Tax Effect Examples: Based on W-4, withholding, and new laws 07-11-2018
Tax Pros Refund Factsheet - flyer 12-19-2019
Where's My Refund? - flyer for Idaho taxpayers 12-19-2019