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TAP Help (FAQs)

You'll find answers to many of the most frequently asked TAP-related questions here, organized by category.

If you have questions that aren't answered here and need help using TAP (Taxpayer Access Point), please contact us.


  • BQ01   How do I add bank information for all of my tax accounts to use? answer »
  • BQ02   How do I add bank information for just one tax account? answer »
  • BQ03   How do I change my bank information? answer »
  • BQ04   How do I change my bank information for multiple tax accounts? answer »
  • BQ05   How do I delete a payment source or an old bank account? answer »

Filing returns

  • FRQ01   How do I file a return? answer »
  • FRQ02   I submitted a tax return, but nothing seemed to happen. Did it work? answer »
  • FRQ03   I made a mistake on my return. Can I change it? answer »
  • FRQ04   How can I see returns I've submitted and which period they're for? answer »
  • FRQ05   Can I file my return early but submit my payment on the due date? answer »
  • FRQ06   In what time zone is my return due to make it timely? answer »
  • FRQ07   I'm a fuel distributor. How do I file Form 1450 through TAP? answer »

My account

  • MAQ01   I forgot my password. What do I do? answer »
  • MAQ02   How can I check which email I used to create my original account? answer »
  • MAQ03   How do I change the email address associated with my TAP account? answer »
  • MAQ04   Can I change my login username? answer »
  • MAQ05   How can I prevent a 3rd party from accessing my TAP account? answer »
  • MAQ06   How can I prevent new/additional logons to my account? answer »
  • MAQ07   How can I change an address? answer »
  • MAQ10   Can I update my legal name in TAP, or is it a separate process? answer »
  • MAQ11   Can I add a Doing Business As (DBA) name? answer »
  • MAQ12   How can I manage access levels for multiple logons? answer »
  • MAQ13   How do I unlock additional features? answer »
  • MAQ14   I'm trying to log in, but I haven't received a text message with my authentication code. answer »
  • MAQ15   I need to cancel my permit. How do I do that? answer »
  • MAQ16   How can I change my password? answer »
  • MAQ17   What do I do? I see the message 'Password attempts exceeded.' answer »


  • PQ01   How do I make an electronic payment? answer »
  • PQ02   How do I schedule a future payment? answer »
  • PQ03   I submitted a payment and nothing seemed to happen! answer »
  • PQ04   Did my Zero Form 910 payment for withholding process okay? answer »
  • PQ05   I'm submitting a Zero Form 910 payment for withholding. Why must I provide bank information? answer »
  • PQ06   Can I make multiple payments for the same tax type and period? answer »
  • PQ07   I made a mistake in my payment. Can I change it? answer »
  • PQ08   How can I see payments I've submitted and which period they're for? answer »
  • PQ09   Can I schedule payments for multiple accounts (taxes) or multiple Client Accounts all at one time? answer »
  • PQ10   I have a debit block on my account. What do I do? answer »
  • PQ11   I don't have bank information set up but I need to make a payment. answer »
  • PQ12   Can I make an estimated tax payment or an account payment? answer »
  • PQ14   How do I file a Zero Form 910 withholding payment? answer »
  • PQ16   In which time zone is my payment due so that it's received on time? answer »
  • PQ17   Why doesn't my payment post to my account in TAP right away? Where can I review my payments? answer »
  • PQ18   Do scheduled payment plan payments show on my TAP account? answer »
  • PQ19   How do I make a payment on my audit? answer »

Payment plans

  • PPQ01   After I request a payment plan, how soon will I hear from you? answer »
  • PPQ02   What is a tax lien and why will you file it? answer »
  • PPQ03   Why should I make my payments as large as possible? answer »
  • PPQ04   What happens if I don't have enough money in my bank account? answer »
  • PPQ05   What will happen next year if I have a refund coming and I'm still making payments? answer »
  • PPQ06   Why are you requiring automatic withdrawal payments? answer »
  • PPQ07   How can I make sure that I don't have a future liability? answer »
  • PPQ08   What happens if I owe again next year? answer »
  • PPQ09   Where can I find my bank routing number and account number? answer »
  • PPQ11   What if I have questions about payment plans? answer »
  • PPQ12   I chose the option Save and Finish later. How do I retrieve a stored payment plan? answer »
  • PPQ13   Where can I find the link to request a payment plan? answer »
  • PPQ14   Why is the payment plan link not available? answer »
  • PPQ15   What if I need to make changes to my payment plan? answer »
  • PPQ16   Why am I receiving an error message when trying to change my payment plan length? answer »
  • PPQ17   I paid off my balance early. How do I stop the automatic payment withdrawals? answer »
  • PPQ18   How do I cancel my payment plan? answer »


  • RQ01   How do I sign up with TAP? answer »
  • RQ02   Why didn't I receive my code? answer »
  • RQ03   I entered all my information and nothing happened. Am I registered? answer »
  • RQ05   I'm a tax professional. How do I pay taxes for my clients? answer »
  • RQ07   I've received an error message regarding the ZIP code I entered. answer »


  • SQ01   What TAP security measures do you suggest? answer »
  • SQ02   What is 2-factor authentication? answer »

Uploading files

  • UL01   How do I upload an EFW2 or 1099 file? answer »
  • UL02   What format is required to upload an EFW2 file? answer »
  • UL03   Why am I receiving error messages when I upload my file? answer »
  • UL04   If I upload an EFW2 file, do I still need to file a Form 967? answer »
  • UL05   Why does my Form 967 have a File Now link after I upload my EFW2 file? answer »
  • UL06   Can I print a copy of my Form 967? answer »
  • UL07   Can I upload EFW2 files for multiple companies at once? answer »
  • UL08   How do I file my 1099 and other information returns? answer »

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Last updated May 1, 2017. FAQs updated regularly.