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1.11 A brief introduction to "free" map viewers

There are a number of free, or almost free, ways to view GIS data. In this tutorial you will learn how to export a map to .pdf format and then view this map in Adobe Acrobat. You will also learn how to publish a map in ArcGIS using the ESRI publisher extension, and then view this map in ArcReader. Finally, this tutorial will give you a brief overview on how to load data into ArcGIS Exlorer and ArcGIS Explorer Online and then how to symbolize and share this data.


1. Introduction to free map viewers tutorial and data for tutorial

2. Video:Exporting a map to PDF format

3. Video: Publishing a map and viewing it in ArcReader

4: Video:Exploring ArcGIS Explorer

5: Video: Brief introduction to ArcGIS Explorer Online

6: External links: Adobe Acrobat Reader, ArcReader, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Online



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