Operating Property Reporting

Every person or company owning operating property in Idaho is required to file a report (see operator statement below) with the Tax Commission by April 30 of each year. This report may include asset listings, financial statements, reports to stockholders, and reports to regulatory agencies.

Form R

Property is identified as either operating or nonoperating when the owner files a pdf Record of Real Estate Ownership – State of Idaho (Form R) with the Tax Commission. After a review by the Tax Commission, the Form R is sent to each county where the property is located. Nonoperating property is appraised at the local level by the county assessor rather than by the Tax Commission.

Operator statement

Operating property owners obtain an operator’s statement form and submit it to the Tax Commission. Included in the statement is a report identifying the location of the company’s property by county and tax code area. For property tax purposes, each county in Idaho is divided into tax code areas that are determined by the boundaries of taxing districts. Rather than reporting individual property items by specific location, the companies generally report the location and length of their wire, pipe, or rail in a particular tax code area. For more information, see Idaho Code section 63‑404 and Idaho Code section 63‑411, and Property Tax Rules 404 and 411‑417.

More information

Assessments for operating property (also known as centrally assessed property) are developed by the Property Tax Division’s Operating Property Bureau. If you have questions, please contact that bureau or review these operating property forms, and guides.