Avoid a Tax Debt

Pay tax bills in full by the deadline if you can. The benefits of doing so are:

  • You’ll avoid interest and penalties. Interest and possibly penalties apply to any tax balance you have after the deadline. They continue to accrue until the balance is paid
  • You can avoid a state tax lien (Notice of Lien) on your property. We must record liens for some tax debts.

Use our penalty and interest estimator to calculate what you may owe for certain tax types.

Make payments before the due date

Although Idaho doesn’t require estimated tax payments for individuals, you can make payments toward your future tax debt any time during the tax year and until the due date. We accept cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, ACH credit, and ACH debit payments.

You can make payments:

Read about all payment options on the E-Pay page.

Adjust your W-4 amount

We urge you to update your paycheck withholding for both federal and state taxes.

Information, guides, and forms are available on the tax.idaho.gov/w4 page.

Double-check your tax return

  • Review the return for accuracy before sending it.
  • Verify that the correct address is on the return.
  • Check for the correct Social Security numbers.
  • Make sure W-2 information is correct when e-filing.
  • Provide a driver’s license number when e-filing.
  • Verify banking information when using direct deposit.