Boats Recordkeeping

Dealers and retailers that sell or lease boats or trailers

Your records for selling or leasing boats or trailers must be the same as any retailer.

Businesses that sell or transfer boats or trailers to a related party

Document the sale or transfer. Your records should include all of the following:

  • Date of sale or transfer
  • Sales price of the boats or trailers
  • Identifying information about the boats or trailers (e.g., vehicle identification number)
  • Documentation that tax due was collected and forwarded to the Tax Commission on all sales of boats or trailers
  • How the parties are related
  • Registration and title documents showing whether you paid tax when you bought the boats or trailers

If the sale or transfer is exempt, complete pdf Form ST-133CATS – Sales Tax Exemption Certificate – Capital Asset Transfer Affidavit and Instructions. See requirements for exempt related-party sales and transfers in the Sales of boats or trailers by private parties section.

Individuals that sell a boat or trailer

Document the sale. Your records should include all the following:

  • Date of sale
  • Identifying information about the off-highway vehicle (e.g., hull number, vehicle identification number)
  • Sales price of the boat or trailer
  • Copies of sale documents


  • If you hold yourself out as a seller and make one or more sales of any boat or trailer or anything else in a year, you’re a retailer. See Retailers.
  • If, in a calendar year, you sell five or more vehicles or vessels that require registration, you must apply for a dealer’s license. See Idaho Transportation Department “Vehicle Dealers.

Individuals that give away a boat or trailer

Document the gift or donation. Your records should include all the following:

  • Date of gift
  • Identifying information about the boat or trailer (e.g., hull number, identification number)
  • Copies of transfer documents
  • Documentation to show sales or use tax was paid at purchase

You and the recipient must complete and sign a pdf Form ST-133GT – Use Tax Exemption Certificate – Gift Transfer Affidavit. The recipient needs the completed form when he or she registers or titles the boat or trailer.