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The Property Appraisal unit includes education, forestry/timber, personal property, and centrally assessed property.

Centrally assessed property

Centrally Assessed Property is appraised by the Idaho State Tax Commission for tax purposes. It is appraised as a unit, which is a technique used to value a group of property items as one entity. Companies are required to file an operator statement by April 30 of each year. In addition, companies are also required to submit any changes in real estate ownership on Form R.

Locally assessed property

Consulting Appraisers are the primary contact between county elected officials and the State Tax Commission. Consulting appraisers serve eight regions throughout the state. The names and contact information for the consulting appraisers are on our contact page. The appraisers offer assistance to the county commissioners, assessor, clerk/auditor, and treasurer upon request. However, they spend most of their time in the field teaching, directly helping individual assessors, and monitoring assessment performance.

Education & certification