Cigarette Taxes Paying

Paying Cigarette Tax

Payment options

You can pay your cigarette tax in one of these ways:

  • Include payment when mailing your Form 1550. The Form 1550, Idaho Cigarette Tax Return, is due on the 20th of the month following the tax period (e.g., October’s return is due November 20). Personalized copies of Form 1550 are mailed to account owners and aren’t available on our website. If you’ve misplaced your paper returns, you can request reprints by contacting Taxpayer Services at (208) 334-7660 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 972-7660. pdf Form 1550 Instructions.
  • Pay securely online with an electronic payment:
  • Pay in person at any of our offices. Visit our Office Hours and Locations page.
    We recommend you don’t leave cash in a drop box.