Idaho Grocery Credit

The grocery tax credit offsets the sales tax you pay on groceries throughout the year. For most Idaho residents it averages $120 per person.

You must be an Idaho resident to be eligible, and you might be able to claim a grocery credit for your dependents, too. This page explains Idaho grocery credit requirements and restrictions.

Required to file a tax return?

If you’re required to file an Idaho income tax return, claim your Idaho grocery credit refund when you file your individual income tax return.

Stop here! Follow the instructions in your tax software or the pdf Instructions for Form 40 or Form 43. Disregard the information below.

NOT required to file an Idaho income tax return?

You can get an Idaho grocery credit refund even if you’re not required to file an income tax return. If you’re an Idaho resident who didn’t make enough money in 2023 to file an income tax return, you’re still eligible to receive a grocery credit refund. You must use a form to claim this credit refund.

Which form to use?

Click the button to the left to determine which form to use to claim your credit refund. You’ll use pdf Form 24pdf Form 40, or pdf Form 43.

You can’t claim the grocery credit on more than one form.

If you need help filing

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