Individual Income Tax Forms Archive

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Form 40, 43, 39R, 39NR

Instructions - Individual Income Tax

Form 40EZ

Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents

Form 75-BST

Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Idaho Consumers with Single or Multiple Bulk Storage Tanks

Form 75-LFA

Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Line Flush Allowance

Form 75-NM

Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Nontaxable Miles (Special Fuels Only)

Form 75-PTO

Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet - Power Take-off and Auxiliary Engine

Form 850-U

Self-Assessed Use Tax Return and Instructions

Form ID Form Name Year
850-U 2019

Form 75

Fuels Use Report and Instructions

Form 96

Form 96 Annual Information Return

Form ID Form Name Year
96 2023

Form 402

Individual Apportionment for Multistate Businesses

Form ID-VP

Income Tax Voucher Payment

Form ST-102

Use Tax Exemption Certificate, New Resident

Form ID Form Name Year
ST-102 2022

Form STC-06

Request for Copies of Idaho Tax Returns

Form ID Form Name Year
STC-06 2022

Form TCR

Sales Tax Refund Claim

Form ID Form Name Year
TCR 2023
TCR 2009