Filing Form 910

File Form 910 for every filing period (e.g., monthly, quarterly). If you have no withholding to report, you must file a “zero” Form 910, either electronically or through the mail (but not both).

Round amounts to the nearest dollar when filing Form 910 or Form 967. Round up to the next dollar if an amount is more than 50 cents.

Online filing

Log into your TAP account to file and pay quickly and securely.

You’ll see a confirmation screen after you submit your 910 return and payment. If you don’t see it, your submission didn’t go through. Check:

  • Did you complete all the required fields?
  • Is a field red? This means our system doesn’t understand the information you entered.
  • Hover over all red fields with your mouse to see the error message and correct the error.

Reporting “zero” withholding

You must file a “zero” 910 return even if you don’t have payroll or employee withholding during a reporting period.

  1. On the Accounts tab, choose Withholding Tax.
  2. Click the File Return link for the appropriate tax period.
  3. Select the option to report a “zero” 910 return.
  4. Enter “0.00” for the amount and submit.
  5. Click Submit.

Paper filing

  1. In the amount field on Form 910*, enter the amount of Idaho income tax you withheld for this period. Enter “0” in the amount field if you have no withholding to report.
  2. Make sure to sign your Form 910.
  3. Mail your completed Form 910 by the due date to the address on the form.

* Contact us if you need a new, personalized copy of your form. Don’t use a form from another tax period or business.