Income Tax Refund Less Than Expected?

Unpaid court fines

If you have an unpaid court-ordered fine, fee, or restitution, the Idaho Supreme Court may have taken all or part of your Idaho income tax refund to divert it to an Idaho Court. (See Idaho Code section 1-1624). This includes unpaid court debts that date back to the 1990s or earlier. If you have questions about the Idaho law that authorized this tax refund diversion, please call the Idaho Supreme Court at (208) 947-7445. You should soon receive detailed information about your specific court obligation from the county or counties to which the debt is owed.

The Idaho State Tax Commission has no role in this process other than sending all or part of your state income tax refund to the Idaho courts.

Other legal obligations

Idaho state income tax refunds are sometimes diverted to others to pay for outstanding legal obligations. These may include:

  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (usually for unpaid child support).
    Call (208) 334-2479 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 356-9868.
  • Idaho Department of Labor (for unreimbursed unemployment overpayments).
    Call (208) 332-3576 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 448-2977.
  • County Sheriff departments (for sheriff’s garnishments).
    Call (208) 577-3750.
  • Internal Revenue Service (for unpaid federal tax debts).
    Call toll free at (800) 829-7650.
  • Bankruptcy trustees