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Fuels Taxes and Fees


A fuels consumer is any individual, business, or government entity that uses fuel.


Fuels distributors provide fuel to retailers who sell it to consumers.

IFTA Licensees

IFTA provides a way to report fuels tax with multiple states or jurisdictions.

Laws and Rules

Laws and rules for
fuels taxes and fees

Fuel Forms

Forms for fuels, taxes, and fees

Fuel Guides

Guides for fuels taxes and fees

What fuels fees support

The State of Idaho uses fuels taxes and fees to:

  • Build and maintain Idaho highways
  • Support infrastructure for Idaho aircraft
  • Support infrastructure for Idaho boats

The transfer fee funds the Idaho Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund.

How fuels tax is paid

Licensed fuels distributors pay fuels tax to Idaho.

The cost of the fuels tax is included in the price paid for delivered fuel or fuels that consumers bought at the retail pump.


If you buy fuel that includes tax, but use it in a nontaxable way, you can get a refund.

Read more about fuels tax refunds 

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