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Alert! Two recent scams

One scheme involves what appears to be an update from a legitimate state CPA professional organization and references a legitimate tax preparer. The email's attachment, purporting to be a "Secured File," invites the recipient to visit a phishing site that asks for the recipient's email address and password.

Another recent scheme targets human resources and financial professionals and requests employee W-2 or other private/sensitive information. (See our new flyer, "Warning for Human Resources and Financial Professionals – New Scam," immediately above, and visit the IRS page for businesses and payroll service providers.)

  • Never share your email password with anyone.
  • Don't open attachments or links from suspicious sources.
  • Be cautious about opening links and attachments from sources that appear legitimate.
  • If you've received a suspicious email, forward it to with "Secured file scam" or "W-2 Scam" as subject.
  • If you believe you've sent private individual data (including W-2 information) to an unauthorized party, contact and
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Last updated May 5, 2017