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Identity Verification Info

Verify Identity

Did you receive a letter to take a quiz or enter a PIN?

The Tax Commission might need to verify your identity. This helps safeguard your information and keeps your refund from going to criminals.

You could receive one of three letters:

  • A PIN letter that asks you to enter a personal identification number (PIN) we provided to confirm you filed the tax return we received
  • A quiz letter that asks questions to verify your identity
  • An ID verification letter that asks you to provide copies of documents

Why we verify identity

Identity theft and tax refund fraud are among the most common cybercrimes. Our verification helps stop criminals from using your identity to steal your refund by filing a false tax return.

We can't pay your refund until you take one of these actions:
  • Enter your PIN (if you got the PIN letter).
  • Pass the quiz or send the required documents to verify your identity (if you got the quiz letter).
  • Send the required documents (if you got the identity verification letter).
Responding to the PIN letter

Within 20 days from the date you receive the letter, follow the instructions in the letter to enter the PIN online.

If you verify that you filed the return, we'll continue processing it.

Responding to the quiz letter

Only you can take the quiz.

Follow the instructions to take the quiz within 20 days from the date you receive the letter.

If you can't take the quiz, don't pass the quiz, or don't want to take it, you or your legal representative** can upload, mail, or bring the required documents to the Tax Commission.

** Your legal representative can be a legal guardian or someone you've given power of attorney to.

We'll continue processing your return after we receive the required documents.

Sending required documents

Send required documents:

  • If you got the identity verification letter.
  • If you got a quiz letter but don't want to take the quiz.

You must provide one copy from each of the four categories below:

  1. A copy of the letter you received.
  2. A copy of your Social Security card, ITIN letter, Medicare card, or Medicare benefits statement.
  3. A copy of government-issued identification that has your full name.
    Examples include:
    • Idaho driver's license (current or expired less than a year)
    • Driver's license from any other state (current)
    • Idaho identification card
    • Passport
    • Military identification
    • Government-issued photo identification
  4. A copy of a document less than three months old that has your full name and address and that matches the name and address on your current tax return.
    Examples include:
    • Utility bill (gas, electric, cable, cell phone, etc.)
    • Bank statement
    • Payroll stub
    • Tax bill
    • Rental agreement (signed by landlord and renter)
    • College or university transcript
    • Insurance policy (vehicle, homeowners, renters, health, life)
    • Credit card statement
Contact the issuing agency (e.g. Social Security Administration, IRS) if you've lost the required government-issued identification.

Never send original documents. We can't return them.

Delivering the required documents

You can upload, mail, or bring the copies to a Tax Commission office. (You can't email or fax them.)

Upload the documents

Upload documents securely online at You don't need a TAP account.

Mail the documents

Mail your identity verification letter, along with copies of the required documents, to:
Attn: Tax Discovery Bureau
Idaho State Tax Commission
PO Box 36
Boise, ID 83722-0410

We recommend you use registered or certified mail to track your documents and verify delivery.

Bring the documents to a Tax Commission office

Bring your identity verification letter, along with copies of the required documents, to one of our offices. See our Office Hours and Locations page for details.

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