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Idaho State Tax Commission

Get a Temporary Seller's Permit Online

Do you need a permit?

Have a sales permit?

If you already have a sales tax permit, and you're selling the same type of product, you don't need a Temporary Sellers Permit. Include sales when you file your sales tax report.

Going to be selling regularly?

If you're going to be selling more than a few times a year (or meet other criteria on this chart comparing regular and temporary sales permits), you need a regular seller's permit. Use the online IBR to apply and receive your permit within 10 days.

Need a temporary sellers permit?

If neither of the situations above applies to you, complete the form below to get your Temporary Sellers Permit online.

Request a Temporary Seller's Permit

All fields must be completed, except those marked as optional.

Information about the SELLER

OPTIONAL. Don't complete if you're going to just be selling under your own name

This should be a PERSON'S first name, not the name of your organization.

This should be a PERSON'S last name, not the name of your organization.

Last four numbers of the Tax Identification Number (SSN or EIN) of the seller
» If you're based out of the country, enter 9999 and choose SSN (below)

Include area code. Example: 208 444-5555

Street or PO Box

» If you're based out of the country, enter 0 and put postal code and country under 'other contact info' (below)

OPTIONAL. Alternate email addresses or phone numbers

Information about the EVENT

Examples: Twin Falls Winter Carnival or St. Mary's Annual Flea Market

If outside city limits, describe location (Example: Everett Fairgrounds - east of Bridgetown)

When the event starts

When the event ends

If you have technical trouble with this form, contact our Web team.

If you have questions about this tax, read our Temporary Seller's Permit information page or contact Taxpayer Services.

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Last updated Aug. 1, 2014