Idaho State Tax Commission


Use Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) to:

Through TAP you can:

E-file returns
  • Auditorium districts (Form 1250, 4150, or 4250)
  • Beer Return (Form 1650)
  • E911 Fee (Form 3950)
  • Income tax withholding (Form 910, Form 967 and W-2s, Form 1099 and file upload)
  • IFTA* returns (Form 3150)
  • Other IFTA*-related actions
    • IFTA additional decal order (Form 3104)
    • IFTA license application (Form IMC-2)
    • IFTA license renewal (Form 3105)
  • Sales & Use (Form 850)
  • Travel & Convention (Form 1152)
  • Wine Return (Form 1754)

* International Fuel Tax Agreement


Other services (not in TAP):

December 5, 2019

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