Individual Income Tax Paying

Payment options

You can pay income tax you owe in one of these ways:

  • Pay securely online from your bank account (free) using Quick Pay.
  • Pay by another method like debit card or credit card (fee). Visit the E-Pay page for more information.
  • Pay from your bank account (free) or using a credit card (fee) through TAP, if you have a TAP account. (You can’t file income tax returns in TAP.)
  • Pay by check through the mail or in person. If you’re mailing a payment without its return, complete and attach this form: pdf Form ID-VP – Income Tax Voucher Payment.
  • Pay in person — including with cash — at one of our locations.

If you can't pay what's due

We always recommend paying the full amount by the due date, if you can. This prevents your owing interest and possibly penalty. If you can’t pay in full by the due date:

  1. File as soon as possible.
  2. See if you can request a payment plan.
  3. Pay what you can before the due date to reduce the interest you’ll owe. An easy way to make one-off payments from your bank account is through Quick Pay. (See other payment methods on the E-pay page.)
  4. Check and change your withholding with your employer to reduce or eliminate what you’ll owe next year.


A valid extension means you can avoid a penalty for filing late.  There aren’t any extensions allowing you to pay late. You’ll owe interest on any payments made after the original due date. Read our guide on valid extensions for filing.