Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Reports and Statistics

The Idaho State Tax Commission collects data and prepares reports on a range of topics.

Many of these reports are available to the public. Let us know if you have difficulty accessing any of these documents.

FY Reports with this icon follow a July-June fiscal year. To find year-end information, look at June's report.

(Date in parentheses is date the report was published. Reports are listed in sequence by published-date with most recently published listed first.)

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Multi-tax reports

Sales/use tax filed

The Idaho State Tax Commission's sales and use tax reporting form collects limited information. Designed for the ease and convenience of the taxpayer reporting the sales tax, the limited data from the form includes only a single total for taxable sales. Therefore, we can't provide accurate county-by-county results since all taxpayers with multiple Idaho locations are lumped together in a category called "multi-county," while all taxpayers with an out-of-state address are consolidated in the "out of state" category. There are similar limitations on our ability to capture accurate data by industry.

As a result of these issues, we've determined that our sales and use tax reports by county and industry code contain potentially inaccurate information. We've removed these reports from our website until we're able to capture and publish reliable data. If you still have any questions about these reports, please email

Travel & Convention tax

Sales tax distribution

Property Tax - Policy

Property Tax - Appraisal

Property Tax - Budget & Levy

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Property Tax - Replacement

Property Tax - Personal Property

Property Tax - Reduction (PTR)

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