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Idaho State Tax Commission


Decisions are the final rulings issued by the Tax Commission on protested Notices of Deficiency Determination. These decisions are "redacted" or edited to remove confidential and proprietary taxpayer information and then compiled for public review. They are posted on this website 120 days after they are mailed to the taxpayer.

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Docket Tax Type Date issued
19973A Corporate, S-Corp, & Partnerships Amended 11-23-10
21582A_21583A Individual & Trusts Amended 10-20-10
20995A Individual & Trusts Amended 08-30-10
22374A Individual & Trusts Amended 06-08-10
22367A Individual & Trusts Amended 06-08-10
22473W Individual & Trusts Amended 05-11-10
22174A Individual & Trusts Amended 03-17-10
20727A Individual & Trusts Amended 02-12-10

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