Idaho State Tax Commission

Changes made to Form 1754

Account Holders Filing Form 1754: We've revised Form 1754, Distributors, Wholesalers, Wineries, Direct Shippers, and Strong Beer Breweries Tax Return. You'll see the following changes as of the July 2022 return period:

  • We've renamed the return as Distributors, Wholesalers, Wineries, Direct Shippers, and Brewers of Beer Over 5% Alcohol by Volume Tax Return. We're also replacing the term "strong beer" with "beer over 5% alcohol by volume" in our forms, instructions, and communications.
  • Wineries, wine distributors/wholesalers: You'll now need to track the number of wine gallons produced in Idaho in addition to tracking total gallons. In Column B, we've added a new line to report these gallons - Line 10b, Report gallons produced and sold in Idaho included in Column B, line 10a. Use line 10a to enter the total number of wine gallons. Use line 10b to report how many of those wine gallons were produced in Idaho.

Tax Computation    

10a. Total taxable gallons. Add lines 7 and 8, then subtract line 9....  

10b. Report gallons produced and sold in Idaho included in Column B, line 10a....

We need the extra information to determine the percentage of tax proceeds to distribute to the Idaho Grape Growers and Wine Producers Commission.

You should soon receive a letter from us explaining the changes. If you have questions about the updated tax return, please call Keagan Ethridge at (208) 334-7610 or email him at



Posted 06-07-2022
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