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Employers: 2020 withholding forms due Feb. 1

EMPLOYERS:  Form 967 and W-2s are due to the Tax Commission by February 1. Normally they’re due by January 31, but that’s a Sunday this year. 

All 1099 forms are due by March 1. Normally they’re due by the last day of February, but that doesn’t fall on a business day this year.  

Choose one of these options to file your 1099s: 

  • By February 1, file your 1099s along with your Form 967 and W-2s.
  • By March 1, file your 1099s separately. Please follow our online instructions for this option.  

Use our Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). It’s the fastest and easiest way to file your withholding forms, including the Form 1099-NEC. 

Note: You’ll no longer receive paper Form 967s if you’ve filed the form online through TAP for the past two years. Instead, you’ll need to e-file your 967 return for 2020 through TAP.

Posted 01-25-2021
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