Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Fuels tax refund draft forms: We want your feedback!

We've posted online drafts of the following fuels tax refund forms, and we invite your feedback on them. Please go to our Draft Forms webpage, and provide any comments by Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Fuels Tax Refund Forms

  • Form 75, Fuels Use Report. We made some technical corrections and a few changes for clarity.
  • Form 75 - Instructions, Fuels Use Report. We reduced the instructions from three pages to two.
  • Form 75-NM, Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Nontaxable Miles (Special Fuels Only). We simplified this form, and we changed it so that any intrastate carrier claiming nontaxable miles can use it. Previously, only IFTA licensees could use this form, and non-IFTA carriers had to use Form 75-IMV.
  • Form 75-PTO, Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Power Take-off and Auxiliary Engine. This new form covers the PTO and auxiliary engine refunds. Previously, IFTA licensees claimed these refunds on Form 75-IC, and intrastate carriers claimed them on Form 75-IMV.

Note: Once Form 75-NM and Form 75-PTO receive final approval, we'll be retiring the following:

  • Form 75-IC, Idaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, IFTA Licensees
  • Form 75-IMV, Idaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet, Intrastate Motor Vehicles

Posted 10-10-2018
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