Idaho State Tax Commission

2018 sales and use tax draft forms: We want your feedback!

We’ve posted online drafts of the following sales and tax forms and instructions for 2018.  We invite your feedback on them.  Please go to our Draft Forms webpage and provide any comments through Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

Form ST-104HM, Tax Exemption on Lodging Accommodations.  This form has been updated to remove the requirement to put an agencies entire credit card number on the form and to update the GSA SmartPay information.

Form ST-104MV, Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Vehicle/Vessel.  Separate forms have been created for the exemptions previously claimed on this form.  Please see Forms ST-104IC and ST-104NR.

Form ST-104IC, Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Interstate Commerce Vehicles.  New exemption claim form dedicated to Interstate Commerce Vehicles.  Glider Kits exemption claims were moved to this form.

Form ST-104NR, Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Nonresident Vehicle/Vessel.  New exemption claim form dedicated to nonresident vehicle and vessel sales.

Form ST-133, Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Family or American Indian Sales.  Removed the Gift Transfer from the ST-133 and created a separate form for gift transfers.

Form ST-133GT, Use Tax Exemption Certificate - Gift Transfer Affidavit.  New transfer affidavit form dedicated to Gift Transfers.


Posted 09-11-2018
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