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Phishing scheme affects Idaho Tax Commission and some taxpayers

BOISE, IDAHO — May 11, 2018 — A sophisticated email phishing attack on May 9 compromised one Idaho State Tax Commission employee’s email account potentially affecting some taxpayers. The Tax Commission neutralized the threat within an hour of the incident. There was no threat to the agency’s tax processing system or the taxpayer information contained in that system.

The Tax Commission received the phishing email from an outside small business that was unaware that it had been compromised. The phishing scheme was a new type of attack not yet seen by antivirus software providers. The Tax Commission worked with its antivirus software vendor to help identify the scheme to prevent future attacks. 

While the Tax Commission can’t yet confirm that any information from the affected employee’s email was accessed, the Tax Commission discovered that personal information of 36 taxpayers was in the employee’s emails. The Tax Commission is notifying these taxpayers that their information may have been compromised. 

The compromised email account was also used to send a phishing email to 103 outside contacts. The Tax Commission is notifying these contacts about the scheme.   

As a result of the incident, the Tax Commission is further tightening its internal procedures to strengthen them against future cyber security attacks. The agency will also be providing more employee education to keep security as a top priority. 


Posted 05-11-2018
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