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Off-Highway Vehicles

Snowmobiles, All-Terrain Vehicles, Utility-Type Vehicles and Motorbikes, etc.

Sales or use tax is due on the sale, lease, rental, transfer, donation or use of off-highway vehicles in Idaho unless a valid exemption applies. This guide explains sales and use tax requirements for buyers and sellers of off-highway vehicles that are used on public roads or off road. This guide applies to the following transactions:

  • Sales and leases by Idaho dealers and retailers
  • Sales between private parties, including family members
  • Sales by financial institutions
  • Bartering goods or services for an off-highway vehicle
  • Bringing an off-highway vehicle that you bought in another state into Idaho
  • Giving or receiving an off-highway vehicle as a gift or prize
  • Selling or transferring ownership between businesses or related parties in a business
  • Renting out or leasing out off-highway vehicles by individuals or businesses that aren't dealers

There are many types of off-highway vehicles, including:

  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Utility-type vehicles (UTVs)
  • Specialty off-highway vehicles (SOHVs)
  • Motorbikes
  • Off-highway motorbikes
  • Snowmobiles

Off-highway vehicles used on the water are included in the Boats and Trailers guide (Coming soon).

Off-highway vehicles
Vehicle TypeIdaho Code Section of DefinitionControlling Idaho Code Section for Nonresident Buyer and Production Exemptions
All-terrain vehicle (ATV) 67-7101(1) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R; Production: 63-3622HH
Utility-type vehicle (UTV) 67-7101(17) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R; Production: 63-3622HH
Specialty off-highway vehicle (SOHV) 67-7101(16) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R
Motorbike, AKA: trailbike, enduro bike, trials bike, motorcross bike, dual purpose motorcycle 67-7101(9) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R
Off-highway motorbike, AKA: trailbike, enduro bike, trail bike, motorcross bike, dual purpose motorcyle 63-3622HH(3) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R
Snowmobile 63-3622HH(2) Production: 63-3622HH
Snowmobile 67-7101(15) Nonresident buyer: 63-3622R

Motorcycles are often grouped with these off-highway vehicles, but Idaho law defines them as motor vehicles. See the guides for "Motor Vehicles – Dealers" and "Motor Vehicles – Private Parties and Nondealer Retailers."

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