Idaho State Tax Commission


If you're a retailer who does business in Idaho, you must have a valid seller's permit, collect sales tax, file a sales tax return, and forward the tax to the state.

Retailer defined

Any individual, business, nonprofit organization, or government agency can be a retailer. Retailers:

  • Sell to a consumer who won't resell or lease the product, or
  • Make more than two retail sales during any 12-month period, or
  • Have no more than two sales, but make it known they sell taxable products or services, or
  • Both sell goods, and improve real property (e.g., a contractor/retailer)
If you're a retailer, you must get a seller's permit to:
  • Sell, lease, or rent tangible personal property
  • Rent hotel, motel, lodging, and campground accommodations
  • Sell magazine or newspaper subscriptions
  • Charge fees for admissions or recreation
  • Make sales using vending machines

Doing business in Idaho

You're doing business in Idaho if you, your company, or your related company:

  • Owns property in Idaho
  • Has an office, warehouse, sales room, or employees in Idaho
  • Has sales representatives or agents in Idaho
  • Keeps goods in Idaho that will be sold

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