Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Product Taxes Rules Committee

This committee is responsible for all tobacco, cigarette, beer, wine, illegal drug, and motor fuels rules as well as transfer fee rules.

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  • Location: 800 Park Blvd., Plaza IV, Boise ID 83712-7742

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Rules under discussion (status board)

Rule, description Current status
Motor Fuels (35.01.05)
170 INFORMATION ON DYED & UNDYED DIESEL FUEL Proposed Draft Approved by Committee
Beer (35.01.12)
No posted activity at this time. 
Wine (35.01.09)
No posted activity at this time. 
Cigarette and Tobacco Products (35.01.10)
015 STAMPS-SOURCE, AMOUNT, LIMITATIONS Proposed Draft Approved by Committee
Illegal Drug (35.01.13)
No posted activity at this time. 

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