Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission


There are three taxes that affect most Idaho residents: income tax, sales/use tax, and property tax.

Idaho has an individual income tax for those who meet the filing criteria. The tax is graduated to make higher earnings taxed at a higher rate.

Individuals pay sales tax when they buy merchandise, unless an exemption applies. Individuals must also collect sales tax on vacation rentals by owner. Read about Travel & Convention Tax for details.

If an Idaho retailer doesn't charge Idaho sales tax on a customer's purchases, that customer owes use tax to the state. Use tax is a tax on goods that are stored or put to use in Idaho, if sales tax hasn't already been paid on them and an exemption doesn't apply.

Property owners pay taxes on the real estate they own. These taxes are assessed by and paid to the counties, rather than the state. However, the state oversees the administration of the property tax system.

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Last updated Oct. 4, 2013

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