Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Payment Options

If you owe taxes, you may receive a call from our Phone Power unit at (855) 556-4230. You can return calls to this toll-free number, or call it if you have a question about the amount you owe.

Your rights

When dealing with the Idaho State Tax Commission, you have the right to be treated fairly, professionally, promptly, and courteously by our employees.

If you have a question about your tax bill, call either the phone number on the tax bill or (208) 334-7633.

Read more about your rights as a taxpayer on our Taxpayer Rights page.

Who can represent you in Tax Commission matters

You can choose to have someone else respond to a tax bill on your behalf. You can be represented by yourself, a tax preparer, a relative, an attorney, a certified public accountant, or any other party you choose by providing us with a completed Idaho State Tax Commission Power of Attorney form.


In extreme cases, taxes may be settled for an amount less than the total amount due as provided for by Idaho law. See Idaho Tax Commission Administration and Enforcement Rule 500.

Last updated Sept. 19, 2016

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