Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Payment Options

If you owe taxes, you may receive a call from our Phone Power unit at (855) 556-4230. You can return calls to this toll-free number, or call it if you have a question about the amount you owe.

If you're in bankruptcy

If you receive a tax bill and you're involved in an ongoing bankruptcy proceeding, contact us and provide us with:

  • The name(s) on the bill and the billing letter ID number or reference number
  • The date your bankruptcy was filed
  • Your bankruptcy case number
  • The name of the person representing you in your bankruptcy (attorney or trustee)

If you haven't yet filed all your Idaho tax returns, you should do so. You'll need to advise your trustee regarding about the tax periods for which you owe, as well as tax, penalty, and interest balances.

Temporary stop on collection activity

Your bankruptcy filing temporarily stops Tax Commission enforcement action to collect a debt related to tax periods that are "pre-petition" (i.e., before the bankruptcy petition was filed). You should pay in full or make payment arrangements to satisfy all debts associated with tax periods that are "post-petition" (i.e., after the bankruptcy petition was filed).


Determining whether your tax debt can be discharged is a matter to discuss with your trustee or attorney. In many cases, your tax debt, or a portion of it, may not be discharged. Contact us as soon as possible after your bankruptcy is discharged to discuss payment arrangements.

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Last updated Sept. 19, 2016

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