Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Taxing District Proposal Details

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Ordinance: Ord._2_13
Type: Annexation
Dated: 02/12/2013
Received: 10/08/2013
ISTC Document Number: 107
Current Status: Approved
Date Approved: 10/11/2013
District: BOISE (CITY)
Type: City
Contact: Debbie Broughton
(Boise City Clerk)
Phone: 2083843710
P O Box 500
Boise ID 83701-0500
County: Ada
Robert McQuade (Assessor)
190 E Front Street #107
Boise ID 83702
Phone: 2082877201

Christopher Rich (County Clerk)
200 West Front Street
Boise ID 83702
Phone: 2082876879

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This data is only a representation of the taxing district boundaries and should not be used for legal or surveying applications.

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