Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Taxing District Proposal Details

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Ordinance: 209
Type: Annexation
Dated: 10/11/2011
Received: 05/22/2012
ISTC Document Number: 45
Current Status: Approved
Date Approved: 05/30/2012
Type: City
Contact: Carla Ross
(Pinehurst City Clerk)
Phone: 208/682-3721
PO Box 417
Pinehurst ID 83850
County: Shoshone
Jerry White (Assessor)
700 Blank Street Suite 100
Wallace ID 83873
Phone: 2087521202

Peggy DeLang-White (County Clerk)
700 Blank Street Suite 120
Wallace ID 83873
Phone: 2087521264

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This data is only a representation of the taxing district boundaries and should not be used for legal or surveying applications.

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