Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission


Electronic payments are a safe and efficient way to make tax payments. You can pay electronically using any of the methods listed below.

(Exception: If you're making a payment of $100,000 or more, Idaho law requires you to use ACH Debit or ACH Credit for all taxes except individual income taxes. If you don't pay by ACH Debit or ACH Credit when it's required, we may charge you interest and a $500 penalty.)


Use TAP for ACH Debit payments

You must sign up with TAP to begin this process. When you pay by ACH Debit, you schedule your payment and authorize the state to take a certain amount of money from your bank account.

You can schedule your payment up to 90 days in advance.

Use TAP to manage most types of tax accounts, file returns, and make payments. (Note: If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, you'll be charged a convenience fee by our third-party provider.)

Convenience fee

Use Access Idaho for credit/debit card or e-check payments

You must register with Access Idaho to begin this process. If you pay by credit/debit card or by e-check, our third-party provider will charge a convenience fee.

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

You can't use credit cards to pay:

  • Use tax with Form 850-U
  • Cigarette tax penalty with Form 1550-U
  • Tobacco use tax with Form 1350-U

Bank fee (varies)

Pay by ACH Credit

Contact us by email or fax (208) 334-7625 and request our “ACH Credit Addenda and Bank Information” form.

Take the form to your bank and request ACH Credit setup. ACH Credit fees vary, depending on your bank.

Once you set up ACH Credit at your bank, you tell the bank when and how much money to send to the state to pay your taxes.

Mailing your payment? Use our income tax payments mailing address.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a nationwide network used by the Federal Reserve to handle electronic payments.

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Last updated June 3, 2015