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IFTA renewals due Jan. 3

IFTA account holders: Remember to renew your 2017 IFTA license and decals by Jan. 3.  The easiest way to renew and pay is through Idaho’s Taxpayer Access Point (TAP).


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Income tax withholding guide updated with new due date

We’ve updated A Guide to Idaho Income Tax Withholding on our website to reflect the new Jan. 31 due date for filing Form 967 and W-2s.  Note: We did not update the withholding tables.  The tables are usually updated in May or June of each year after the Idaho legislative session ends. 


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Tax burden for Idahoans is 10th lowest in nation, Tax Commission study shows

BOISE, IDAHO — Dec. 23, 2016 — Idaho has the 10th lowest overall state and local tax burden in the country when compared to all other states and the District of Columbia. Idaho also has the lowest tax burden among western states when measured by the proportion of income that goes to pay for taxes. That’s according to the latest tax burden study published by the Idaho State Tax Commission. (Read more)

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3 IMPORTANT Changes for Idaho IFTA filers

1. You must now report split rates on the IFTA return, Form 3150.

If a jurisdiction has multiple fuel tax rates for one period (also known as a split rate), you'll need to report a separate jurisdiction record for each rate. Report the miles and gallons for the effective date range of each rate. These dates are listed in the jurisdiction notes on the back side of the Form 3150 return instructions.

2. Idaho's IFTA renewal due date changed to December 31, starting with the 2017 renewal period. This change was a requirement of the IFTA operating agreement.

3. As of January 1, 2017, you can no longer report Idaho off-road nontaxable miles on the IFTA return.

Instead, you'll need to report them on Form 75 and use Form 75-NM Idaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet / IFTA Nontaxable Miles Worksheet to claim a refund.

Total taxable miles must equal total miles on the IFTA return for the Idaho jurisdiction. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the IFTA Helpdesk at or call (208) 334-7806 in the Boise area or toll-free at (800) 972-7660, ext. 7806.

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Employers: Two free webinars this week for you

All employers who hire workers in Idaho are invited to two free webinars to hear from government agencies that administer the majority of hiring and employment tax laws: (Read more)

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Decisions posted to the website in November 2016

The following decisions were posted to the website in November 2016. 

The decisions were issued in July 2016.



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