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1009-G Information

Did you receive a Form 1099-G from us and have questions about it?  Check out our 1099-G webpage for more information. 


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Employers: Form 967 and W-2s due Jan. 31

Employers: Remember to file your Form 967 and W-2s by Tuesday, Jan. 31. Use TAP (Taxpayer Access Point) for the fastest and easiest way to file. For more information, see A Guide to Idaho Income Tax Withholding.



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Tips to get your Idaho refund faster

BOISE, IDAHO — Jan. 26, 2017 — Now that the Idaho State Tax Commission has begun processing 2016 Idaho individual income tax returns, we’re providing some tips on how taxpayers can help their income tax refund process faster. (Read more)

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Due dates, security news, contractor info, lodging January Tax Update Newsletter

Read about the new due date for employers filing Form 967 and W-2s, enhanced security for TAP, income tax refunds, short-term lodging rentals, guidance for contractors, refund information, and more in the January 2017 issue of Tax Update - the Tax Commission's newsletter for the business community.

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Cybercriminals or Legitimate Clients?

In a recent email, the IRS warned that cybercriminals have new and clever email schemes where they pose as clients soliciting tax professional’s services.

These latest phishing emails come in typically two stages:

  • The solicitation, "I need a preparer to file my taxes."
  • The second email typically has either an embedded web address or contains a PDF attachment that has an embedded web address.

Tax professionals may think they’re downloading a potential client's tax information. In reality, the cybercriminals are collecting the preparer's email address and password and possibly other information.

The IRS urges tax professionals and tax preparation firms to consider creating internal policies or obtain security experts' recommendations on how to address unsolicited emails seeking their services. [Read more.]

TIP: Never respond to or click on a link in an unsolicited email or PDF attachment from an unknown sender.

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Decision Posted to the Website in December 2016 and January 2017

The following decisions were posted to the website in December 2016 and January 2017. 

The decisions were issued in September 2016.




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