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Idaho State Tax Commission

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09-25-2018 Decisions posted to the website in August and September 2018

09-19-2018 Idaho grants tax relief to victims of Hurricane Florence

09-12-2018 Adjust your paycheck withholding now to avoid a tax shock!

09-11-2018 2018 sales and use tax draft forms: We want your feedback!

09-11-2018 In case you missed it: News articles warn taxpayers to check on their withholding to avoid a big tax bill

09-05-2018 Decisions posted to the website in July and August 2018

08-27-2018 Tax Update for August 2018 now online

08-23-2018 Tax fraud from identity theft decreases in Idaho

08-17-2018 Kids and Other Dependents Can Change Your Tax Picture Following Tax Reform: Here's What To Do Now

08-17-2018 2018 income tax draft forms: We want your feedback!

08-15-2018 Some out-of-state retailers required to collect Idaho sales tax

08-13-2018 Do this to avoid a tax surprise next spring

08-03-2018 Decisions posted to the website in June and July 2018

08-02-2018 Your paycheck a little fatter? You may owe more under new tax law

08-02-2018 Tax Commission: Check Your W-4

07-27-2018 Sales Tax Form ST-133 updated

07-26-2018 Avoid a tax surprise; adjust your paycheck withholding now

07-06-2018 Two women sentenced for tax fraud

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