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02-14-2019 Identity verification helps protect taxpayers, refunds from fraud

02-13-2019 Many taxpayers can get free income tax help

02-11-2019 Have you updated your W-4 yet?

02-11-2019 Our Pocatello office has moved

02-07-2019 Get a grocery credit refund even if you don’t earn enough to file taxes

02-01-2019 80 percent of people missed a step related to taxes in 2018, and it could affect their refund

01-31-2019 Tax Commission’s Pocatello office to close for two days, then open in new location

01-30-2019 Half a million taxpayers may be able to e-file for free

01-28-2019 Tips to get your Idaho tax refund faster

01-25-2019 Tax Update for Winter 2019 now online

01-24-2019 Changes for 2018 Idaho income tax returns

01-23-2019 Employers: Form 967 and W-2s due Jan. 31

01-23-2019 Decisions posted to the website in January 2019

01-22-2019 File Idaho income tax returns starting Jan. 28

01-22-2019 What went wrong with my taxes

01-18-2019 Did you get a 1099-G from us?

01-15-2019 Withholding guide updated with new Idaho W-4

01-14-2019 Tax law changes you need to know

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