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04-27-2022 Rules meetings on Thursday, April 28

04-19-2022 Track your tax rebate at

04-15-2022 Fuels tax holidays and Idaho-based IFTA carriers

04-14-2022 Need an extension to file your Idaho income tax return?

04-13-2022 Tax Commission offers curbside service in Boise April 18

04-12-2022 Tax Commission open regular hours in Coeur d’Alene on April 15 and 18

04-12-2022 Tax Commission opens Lewiston office on April 15 and 18

04-12-2022 Tax Commission open regular hours in Twin Falls on April 18

04-12-2022 Tax Commission extends April 18 hours in eastern Idaho offices

04-07-2022 Time’s running out to apply for property tax relief

04-06-2022 Five tips for filing Idaho taxes

03-30-2022 Some taxpayers must provide more info to get refunds

03-23-2022 Farmers markets, events sellers reminded to collect and pay sales tax

03-16-2022 Respond to identity verification letters to protect tax refunds

03-11-2022 Instruction changes for 2021 income tax returns

03-10-2022 Tax rebates coming later this month

03-09-2022 Property tax benefit available for qualifying veterans with disabilities

03-03-2022 Businesses can e-file state, federal income taxes together

02-24-2022 Want your property taxes reduced in 2022? See if you qualify

02-22-2022 Track your tax refund online anytime

02-16-2022 Claim your grocery credit refund, even if you don’t earn enough to file income taxes

02-10-2022 More Idahoans might qualify for property tax deferral in 2022

02-08-2022 Get a faster tax refund with these tips

02-03-2022 Thousands eligible for free e-file

01-27-2022 Idaho taxpayers can claim some 2021 charitable contributions without itemizing

01-20-2022 Wasden and Idaho Tax Commission issue joint alert over tax scam targeting Idahoans

01-19-2022 File Idaho income tax returns starting Jan. 24

01-14-2022 Employers can e-file 967 forms today

01-12-2022 Free webinar offers tips for filing 2021 income taxes

01-06-2022 2022 W-4 available; review your withholding now

01-04-2022 2021 income tax forms now available

12-20-2021 More SALT guidance

12-15-2021 UPDATED: SALT workaround payment due Dec. 31, 2021

12-14-2021 Sales tax and holiday lights

11-05-2021 Year-end giving reminder

10-20-2021 Farmers, ranchers affected by drought have more time to replace livestock and defer tax

09-30-2021 Extended deadline nears for filing income tax returns

09-15-2021 Idaho grants tax relief to victims of Hurricane Ida

09-13-2021 Tax Update for Fall 2021

09-07-2021 2021 income tax draft forms: We want your feedback!

08-18-2021 Track your tax rebate at

08-16-2021 Take our website survey, help us improve your visitor experience

08-11-2021 Is the Tax Commission sending emails about the tax rebate?

08-03-2021 Meridian man sentenced to prison for tax evasion

07-22-2021 Wine and beer tax return changes

07-20-2021 Beware of new tax scam

07-15-2021 Tax rebates are coming!

07-14-2021 Withholding tables updated for 2021

07-08-2021 Property tax estimator adds more counties

06-25-2021 Estimate your property taxes at

06-04-2021 Beware of fraudulent mailing scam

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