Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

IFTA Licensees

For more information on trucking in Idaho, see and IFTA, Inc.

You can save time and postage by e-filing your IFTA returns and payments. You can also apply for your IFTA license, complete your annual license renewal, and reorder decals — all online.

Canceling a License

You can cancel your IFTA license if you no longer operate qualified motor vehicles in two or more IFTA jurisdictions, including Idaho. To request the cancellation of your license, complete the tax return for your last quarter of interstate activity. Mark the cancellation box on the return and send it to the Idaho State Tax Commission along with your original IFTA license and unused decals. If you cancel your IFTA license after a new quarter begins, you must still file a return for the new quarter to close your account. You can reapply for a new IFTA license at any time. Contact us for more information.


Your IFTA license can be revoked if you haven't engaged in business as an Idaho IFTA carrier in the last six months, don't pay fuel taxes on time, don't pay in full, don't file an IFTA tax return, or don't comply with the IFTA rules and recordkeeping requirements. The Tax Commission will notify you by mail of its intent to revoke your license. You'll have 63 days from the date of the letter to appeal the intended revocation. If your Idaho IFTA license is revoked, the Idaho Transportation Department can require you to purchase temporary permits to travel in Idaho. Other jurisdictions will be notified of your license revocation and may require you to get a temporary permit (trip permit) for fuel taxes. Some jurisdictions may impose even stricter sanctions.

If your IFTA license is revoked and you want to operate your IFTA fleet in any jurisdiction without buying trip permits for fuel taxes, you must correct the problems that caused the revocation. Then you can apply for a new Idaho IFTA license to get valid credentials and decals. For more information, write to the IFTA Collection Manager.

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Last updated Aug. 12, 2015