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Idaho State Tax Commission

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Complete your Idaho Sales Tax Declaration

The promoter for the event you'll be participating in has provided you this web address so that you can complete the information below and print out an ST-124 Idaho Sales Tax Declaration form.

  • Promoter: Tom and Barbie Howard
  • Event name: The Wedding Party Show
  • Event location: Boise Centre - Boise Idaho
  • Event duration: 01-06-2018 to 01-07-2018

All fields must be completed, except those marked as optional.

Information about you, the participant

OPTIONAL. Don't complete if you're going to just be selling under your own name

Include area code. Example: 208 444-5555

Street or PO Box

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Sales Tax Declaration section

NOTE: You must complete this form even if the answer is NO.

• If YES, I will be making sales: Enter the product(s) you're selling and number of locations (stalls, carts)
• If NO, I have an active Idaho seller's permit: Enter your permit number
• If NO, I won't be making taxable sales: Enter what you're doing instead at this event.

If you have technical trouble with this form, contact our web team.

If you have questions about this tax, read the instruction sheet that is printed with your ST-124 or contact Taxpayer Services.