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Event Promoters

Choose the best option for you

Read this information for promoters who sponsor events and then select one of the three options below to obtain your ST-124 forms.

Option A. Create an online SALES TAX DECLARATION for vendors

If your vendors all have internet access, and you have a way of communicating with them securely and privately, you can provide them with a special web address — and they can complete Sections B and C of Form ST-124 online, with little or no paper for you to deal with.
Note: Option A requests must be for one event only or it will be voided and must be resubmitted.

Option B. On-demand ST-124 forms (for 1 to 12 vendors)

Request your ST-124s by filling out Section A, Promoter's Information, online, and then print out copies for your vendors.
Note: Option B requests must be for one event only or it will be voided and must be resubmitted.

Option C. Mail forms by post

Complete the form below to request paper ST-124 forms be mailed to you within 10 business days.

Request ST-124s

All fields must be completed, except those marked as optional.

Stop You should use this form only if you're an event organizer.

First, choose your option.

Number needed (for Option B or C)

Information about the PROMOTER

OPTIONAL. Leave blank if not applicable.

Include area code. Example: 208 444-5555

Street or PO Box

OPTIONAL. Alternate email addresses or phone numbers

Information about the EVENT

Examples: Twin Falls Winter Carnival or St. Mary's Annual Flea Market

Enter town or describe location (Example: Everett Fairgrounds - east of Bridgetown)

When the event starts

When the event ends

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If you have questions about this tax, read our Promoter-Sponsored Events information page or contact Taxpayer Services.

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