Idaho State Tax Commission

Authorized Software Developers List

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We've authorized the companies below to develop software for 2018 Idaho federal/state e-filing.

Forms that can be transmitted electronically: 40, 43, 41, 41S, 65, 66.

These schedules can be included: 39NR, 39R, 41A, 42, 44, 49, 49C, 49R, 55, 56, 67, 68, 68R, 69, 69R, 71, 71R, 65, CG, ID-K1, PTE-12, Idaho ITC Equipment list.

The state of Idaho doesn't endorse any specific software. These are companies that are currently testing or have completed the authorization process. Testing occurs in November and December.

Note: Subsequent software versions may not have been tested.

Forms supported Authorized date Idaho original Idaho amended
Lamson Tech 1040NOW
Forms 40,43 12/19/2018 Y Y
Forms 40,43 12/14/2018 Y N
H&R Block
Forms 40, 43 12/11/2018 Y N
HRB Development LLC
Form 41,41S,65 12/26/2018 Y Y
Canopy Tax
Canopy Tax Prep
Form 40,43 2/25/2019 Y N
Credit Karma Tax
Credit Karma Tax, Inc
Form 40 12/17/2018 Y N
Petz Enterprises LLC
Forms 40, 43 12/3/2018 Y N
Drake Software
2018 Drake Software
Forms 40,43,41,41s,65,66 1/10/2019 Y Y
Drake Software
Forms 40,43 1/15/2019 Y N
File Your Taxes
Forms 40,43 2/8/2019 Y N
Thomson Reuters
Form 40, 43, 41, 41S, 65, 66 11/21/2018 Y Y
H & R Block Online (HRBO)
H & R Block
Form 40, 43 12/26/2018 Y N
H&R Block Software (HRBS)
H&R Block
Form 40, 43 12/19/2018 Y N
Jackson Hewitt ProFiler
Jackson Hewitt
Forms 40,43 12/6/2018 Y Y
Intuit, Inc
Form 40,43,41,41S,65 12/20/2018 Y N
Intuit Inc
Form 66 12/20/2018 Y Y
Liberty Tax (Phoenix and eSmart)
Liberty Tax Service
Forms 40, 43 1/24/2019 Y N
E File Tax Returns, Inc
Form 40 1/16/2019 Y N
Advanced Tax Solutions LLC
Form 40,43,41,41S,65 04/01/2019 Y Y
OLT Desktop
On-Line Taxes, Inc
Forms 40,43 12/12/2018 Y Y
On-Line Taxes, Inc
Forms 40,43 11/27/2018 Y Y
OLTPro Desktop
On-Line Taxes Inc.
Forms 40,43 11/27/2018 Y Y
OLTPro Desktop
On-Line Taxes Inc.
Forms 41,41S,65,66 11/27/2018 Y N
OLTPro Web
On-Line Taxes, Inc.
Forms 41,41S,65,66 12/11/2018 Y N
OLTPro Web
On-Line Taxes, Inc.
Forms 40,43 12/11/2018 Y Y
Proconnect Tax Online
Intuit Inc.
Forms 40,43,41,41S,65,66 1/8/2019 Y N
Intuit Inc.
Form 40,43 1/3/2019 Y N
Prosystem fx
CCH/Wolters Kluwer
Forms 40,43,66 12/21/2018 Y N
ProSystem fx Tax
CCH/Wolters Kluwer
Forms 41,41S,65 12/21/2018 Y Y
Taluy California Corp
Form 40,43 2/12/2019 Y N
Tax Series
Tax Technologies, Inc.
Form 41,65 2/8/2019 Y Y
Tax Wise
Universal Tax Systems
Forms 40,43,41,41S,65 2/8/2019 Y N
TaxAct Consumer
TaxAct Inc
Forms 40,43 12/18/2018 Y Y
TaxAct Professional
TaxAct, Inc.
Forms 40,43 12/14/2018 Y Y
TaxAct, Inc
Forms 41,41S,65 12/5/2018 Y Y,,
TaxHawk, Inc
Forms 40,43 12/10/2018 Y N
TaxSlayer LLC
Forms 40,43 12/4/2018 Y Y
TaxSlayer Pro
TaxSlayer LLC
Forms 40,43,41,41s,65,66 1/30/2019 Y Y
Turbo Tax
Forms 40,43 1/07/2019 Y N
UltraTax CS
Thomson Reuters
Forms 40,43,41,41s,65,66 1/2/2019 Y Y
Taxware Systems Inc
Forms 40,43 12/3/2018 Y Y

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