Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Disclaimer to Sales/Use Tax Reports

The Idaho State Tax Commission's sales and use tax monthly reports are available by county. They are the sum of all sales and use tax returns processed during one month. Please note that the number of returns processed in any time period by the Idaho State Tax Commission varies depending on Tax Commission employee workloads. Therefore, a comparison of one month in one year to the same month in another year can be misrepresentative. Comparisons of longer time spans, such as comparing year-long summaries, may indicate more reliable trends. This guide helps with understanding sales/use tax reports.

Although the sales figures are listed by county, sales by businesses with more than one location in the state and those with headquarters outside the state are listed on the "Multicounty" and "Out-of-State" lines at the bottom of the reports. Therefore, the monthly sales shown on these reports do not represent an all-inclusive total for each county.

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Last updated Dec. 31, 2009