Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Proposed Taxing District Changes

Taxing district personnel can monitor the status of taxing district change requests that were submitted to the Tax Commission. The data displayed are for PROPOSED changes that would begin to levy on January 1, 2015.

Only submissions received will be shown in the tables below. If the submission doesn’t show below, it hasn't been received by the Tax Commission. Data are updated each night. Please contact the Tax Commission if the 11" x 17" map or List of Changes doesn't accurately reflect the proposed changes.

Click on the Ordinance field value in the table below for more information. If “Audit” appears in the Ordinance field in the table, then some information may not appear in the Proposal Details table on the page linked to the Ordinance value.

View the list of counties with proposed changes.

District type District Ordinance Status
City Caldwell ( City) Ord._2969 Approved
City Middleton ( City) Ord._536 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4100 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4106 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4107 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4119 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4129 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4133 Approved
City Nampa ( City) ord._4134 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4137 Approved
City Nampa ( City) Ord._4138 Approved
City Nampa ( City) ord._4142 In Process
City Nampa ( City) ord._4145 Resolved/New Ord
City Nampa ( City) ord._4148 In Process
Urban Renewal Caldwell Urban Renewal ord._2984 In Process


This data is only a representation of the taxing district boundaries and should not be used for legal or surveying applications.

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Last updated March 4, 2014