Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

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Start your business right

This online slideshow will help you get your business started on the right track to complete your withholding and sales tax returns.

Published 09-05-2013 | Direct link

Intro to Use Tax

This introduction explains what Idaho use tax is, how it's calculated and reported, and gives examples -- you could owe use tax without knowing it!

Also see these pages: Sales/Use Tax, Online, Catalog, Out-of-state shopping, and Businesses and Sales/Use Taxes

Watch Introduction to Idaho Use Tax on our YouTube channel.

Published 07-03-2013 | Direct link

Idaho NOL: 5 most common mistakes

Learn the five most common mistakes seen on individual returns claiming an Idaho net operating loss.

Watch Idaho NOL: 5 most common mistakes on our YouTube channel

This video was updated Feb. 2014 to reflect recent law changes.

Published 02-15-2013 | Direct link

Tax 101 Course

This Tax 101 course is a 3 MB PDF of slides presented to legislators during an overview of Idaho’s major tax types.

Published 01-18-2013 | Direct link

Step-by-step e-file & e-pay instructions

This webpage will walk you through how to e-file or e-pay. To set up an e-filing account you'll need: Internet access, an email account, and a paper return for the tax type you want to e-file.

Published 07-17-2012 | Direct link

Temporary Seller's Permits, an introduction

Do you make sales in Idaho but don't have a Seller's Permit? Are you working with a promoter (have a booth at a big event)? Learn about Temporary Seller's Permits and Promoter-sponsored Events.

Watch Temporary Seller's Permits, an introduction on our YouTube channel.

Published 06-16-2012 | Direct link

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