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Tax Commission launches public records request Web page, request form

BOISE, IDAHO — Nov. 12, 2014 — The Idaho State Tax Commission has a new public records requests page on its website, The page includes a public records request form that can be downloaded, signed, and sent to the Tax Commission. (Read more)

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Make sure local option tax isn’t charged in Nez Perce County

BOISE, IDAHO — Nov. 6, 2014 — The Nez Perce County local option sales tax expired Sept. 30, 2014, after being in place for a decade. (Read more)

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Revised 2014 Business/Individual E-File (MeF) Specification and 2014 Idaho Business/Individual MeF Schemas

2014 Idaho Business/Individual MeF Schemas (V1.0) has been replaced and update with the version 2014 Idaho Business/Individual MeF Schemas (V2.0) 10-28-2014.

The 2014 Business/Individual E-File (MeF) Specifications updated on 10-28-2014, with the following:

  • Page 9 Changed Log Form 72 and reject code 1260 Removed
  • Page 12 of Appendix B added Form 66, line 26 to Reimbursement Incentive Act Credit
  • Appendix C added column for Form 66
  • Appendix D updated Tax Rate Schedule for Married, 21,136 is now 21,436.

You will find these updates under Tax Pros and from the drop down list choose Software Developers.


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2014 Idaho Business Forms 41ESR and ID K-1 Finalized - No 2014 Draft Forms Pending

The 2014 Idaho Business Form 41ESR Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations and
Form ID K-1 Partner's Shareholder's or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments Credits ETC.are now available for tax year 2014.

All Idaho Business Forms are finalized and removed from the pending 2014 Draft Forms web page. 

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Beware of phone scammers representing themselves as state tax collectors

BOISE, IDAHO — Oct. 27, 2014 — Phone scams aren’t seasonal; the Idaho State Tax Commission gets calls year-round from taxpayers who have been targeted by someone wanting personal information or money. (Read more)

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Forms 2014 Substitute Documents Vendor Information and 2014 MeF Vendor Information

The 2014 Substitute Documents Vendor Form and the 2014 MeF Vendor Information Form are available.  Choose the Tax Pros tab at the top and then select the Software Developers  page. 

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