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Withholding tables updated

We’ve updated the withholding tables in A Guide to Idaho Income Tax Withholding. Although the figures are effective for 2014, employers don’t need to adjust withholding for the months before receiving the tables.


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Decisions posted to the web.

Good morning,

Following are decisions that were posted to the web in May 2014.



Circuit Breaker

If you have any issues or concerns with this post or any of the decisions posted, please contact me.

Thank you,

Laurie J. Davies, Legal Administrative Assistant

(208) 334-7530


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Estimate your property taxes at

BOISE, IDAHO — June 5, 2014 — Residents in 17 Idaho counties can estimate their 2014 property taxes by visiting the Idaho State Tax Commission’s website at The “Quick Picks” section on the home page links to a calculator that allows taxpayers to estimate what they will owe. (Read more)

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More than $1 million in uncashed tax refund checks will soon expire

BOISE, IDAHO — June 4, 2014 — The Idaho State Tax Commission estimates more than 4,000 uncashed state tax refund checks worth more than $1 million will expire later this month. (Read more)

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Arco man ordered to file delinquent tax returns

BOISE, IDAHO — June 2, 2014 — Time is running out for an Arco man to file delinquent Idaho income tax returns for four years in which his reported income totaled more than $140,000. (Read more)

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